Kito Peters Retrospective 2 released

Prolific Santa Fe songwriter Kito Peters has released a retrospective of 14 songs from his last 6 CDs, with songs co-produced by Peters and John Kurzweg and wirh Jono Manson.

This second retrospective contains music from The Bright Abyss, Dark Rain, Don’t Know Much, Choice, I Fell and Design Flaw. The CDs Design Flaw and I Fell feature performances by and were co-produced by Peters and John Kurzweg. Kurzweg has produced a number of artists including Creed, Godsmack and Puddle of Mudd.

Don’t Know Much features co-producer Jono Manson, who produces music internationally with artists that include John Popper & Blues Traveler, Crystal Bowersox, Gand and The Sketches.

Both Kurzweg and Manson are Santa Fe based producers who also perform regularly in New Mexico.

Peters, Kurzweg and Manson have all won New Mexico Music Awards in recent years.