Bluegrass Today features song written for vets by Higher Ground Bluegrass

New Mexico’s premiere bluegrass band, Higher Ground Bluegrass was featured on the Bluegrass Today website during the Veteran’s Day weekend.

The article featured the recent recording of “Put My Mind At Ease”, co-written by HGB front man Ken “Duke” Weddington along with Vietnam Veteran Felix Rodriguez, Daniel Johnsen and Jose Antonio Ponce. The song tells the story of a veteran returning home from the Vietnam war in the late 1960s to a hostile American public. The song was written to help raise awareness of Post-Traumatic Stress amoung veterans.

The song was recorded in Santa Fe and a video produced during the recording. The video was aired on both the CMT and GAC networks this past Veteran’s Day. Higher Ground Bluegrass distributes CD copies of the song for free at their performances.

You can read the article by John Lawless and view the video online at