ASCAP, BMI & You-A discussion | New Mexico Music Awards

ASCAP, BMI & You-A discussion

western-musicThursday, November 10th, 2016 as part of the Western Music Association Annual Conference @ Hotel Albuquerque
Performer Rights Organizations Panel – Facilitated by Kerry Grombacher; Panelists:
Jose Ponce, New Mexico Music Awards, New Mexico Music Commission and listen!ABQ
Aengus Finnan, Folk Alliance International;
Lynne Marie Rusaw, Moonlight Talent;
Marsha Short, WMA
What does a PRO do? How are license fees for venues calculated? Can fees be so onerous that a venue closes? Is there an exemption if you only present works in the public domain or if performers only play their own material and no covers? What happens to the fees that the PROs collect? What are the details of the BMI and ASCAP programs that reward performing songwriters who play their own material at licensed venues and events? What is the relationship between WMA and each PRO vis a vis sponsored events? Do those events qualify for the performing songwriter programs?
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