Telling Your Story (and getting it heard.)

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 6:30-8:30 PM New Deal Theater, Fort Bayard, NM

Join us in Ft. Bayard, NM (near Silver City) for a free workshop and performance on October 8th, 2019 at the New Deal Theater in Ft. Bayard, NM. The workshop will focus on getting your music, story, screenplay or other intellectual property heard, discovered and considered. This workshop and performance are open to the public. You must RSVP to to attend.

The workshop and performance are part of this quarter’s Arts & the Military roundtable sponsored by New Mexico Arts and the Mimbres Arts Council. A workshop on getting your story told, heard and discovered will take place as part of the Arts and the Military Roundtable discussion to be held in Ft. Bayard on October 8th, 2019.

The workshop and Q&A will give basic information on what to do with your song, story, novel, screen play, film or other intellectual property once you are ready to place it on the market. It may be as simple as having your local arts council produce a performance of your work or it may involve marketing to a regional, national or even a global audience. Following the workshop, Jose Antonio Ponce will give a short performance of original music written with and for veterans as well as demonstrating songwriting concepts.

Hosted by the Mimbres Arts Council and sponsored by New Mexico Arts, the accompanying Roundtable discussion will take place at 9:00 AM at the New Deal Theater in Ft. Bayard.

The purpose of organizing a roundtable about the arts and the military is to build awareness about the role the arts can play in service to veterans and military families. Topics at the interactive roundtable include:

How the arts can address health and reintegration challenges
How creative expression can relieve trauma
Strengthening bonds between military and artistic communities in New Mexico
Sharing experiences where the two are already intersecting
Discussing ways to improve the connections between the arts and the military
Following the roundtable discussion, NM Music Awards producer Jose Antonio Ponce will present a workshop on how to get your music, story, screenplay or other intellectual property discovered and considered coupled with a performance of original music This workshop and performance is free and open to the public.

The Mimbres Region Arts Council views the arts as a unique and powerful community organizing tool for change. Change might be internal relating to physical or mental health or external to include social issues, and both the built and natural environment. Our efforts are not to produce pretty pictures for walls but instead employ the arts as a vehicle of empowerment.

Military veterans face a difficult transition to civilian life and suffer from combat-related disorders such as post traumatic stress, depression, and substance abuse. As a result, there are rising rates of veteran homelessness and suicides. The Mimbres Region Arts Council will play a leading role in the exploration of how the arts can serve veterans and their families who have served our county.

New Mexico Arts is the state arts agency and a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs. The 15-member governor-appointed New Mexico Arts Commission serves as their advisory body. Their primary function is to provide financial support for arts services and programs to non-profit organizations statewide and to administer the 1% public art program for the state of New Mexico. The NM Arts and the Military initiative explores the intersection of the arts, arts organizations, local & state agencies, and health and reintegration for veterans and military families.

SPECIAL GUESTS: Lieutenant Governor: Howie Morales

Department of Cultural Affairs Secretary: Debra Garcia y Griego

NM Department of Veterans Services: Larry J. Campos, MSW

Mayor of Santa Clara: Richard Bauch

New Mexico Arts: Phyllis Kennedy

Mimbres Region Arts Council: Kevin Lenkner

PRESENTERS: Advances in Neuroscience in the Treatment of PTSD

Davin K. Quinn, M.D.

Associate Professor, UNM Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Chief, Division of Behavioral Health Consultation & Integration

Director, UNM Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Service

Director, UNM/NMVAHCS Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship

Chief of Staff, UNM Hospitals & Clinics

Sponsored by:Mimbres Region Arts Council


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