The Elemental Concert Series

The theme enters the quantum realm where each of the 118 elements in the periodic table can be viewed personally: as if each element has qualities that reflect the qualities of a human being. And through that prism of identity, original music (and perhaps a cover or two) explores that elemental facet. Each concert will have a different set list, improvisational interludes with a few repeat songs.

So if you ever wondered, down to the atomic level, what it might be like to reflect on the RUBIDIUM in you (volatile, precise, excitable, unique and rare, specific, highly emotional, silver haired, old soul, incompatible, loner/hermit, clown) Or HYDROGEN etc come on out to listen and experience the series.

STRONTIUM – February 2, 2019  with Consuelo Luz
MOLYBDENUM – March 2, 2019 with Margaret Burke
COBALT – APRIL 6, 2019 with 7th Wave Songleaders Amy Lindquist & Angela Gabriel

​All concerts will be at San Miguel Church, ​the Oldest Church in America.
401 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM