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The Eric Larson endowment at the University of New Mexico was created to assist financially those junior and senior students who have chosen music or a related field like the recorded arts as their field of study and maintain a 3.0 average or better in school. The funding is unrestricted.

Each year, the New Mexico Music Awards contributes to the endowment with proceeds from its annual awards program and fundraising efforts.The UNM Foundation maintains the endowment and the grantees are chosen by surviving Larson family members and NMMA producers from recommendations made by the staff of the UNM Fine Arts Department. Individual contributions are accepted.

Mr. Larson taught music theory and the recorded arts at UNM, giving students the opportunity to expand their horizons. The Eric Larson Endowment continues his legacy of giving to those who see their future in music. We ask that you continue to support the Eric Larson Endowment through your tax deductibledonations or through legacy giving.

Please send your tax-deductible contribution to:

UNM Foundation

Eric Larson Endowment

Two Woodward Center

700 Lomas NE

Albuquerque, NM 87102

UNMPlease make your check or money order out to the UNM Foundation-Eric Larson Endowment. If you have questions regarding the endowment or know of a student who could benefit from the scholarship, please contact Kristine Purrington, Senior Development Director for the College of Fine Arts the University of New Mexico at 505-277-7320. You may also make contributions directly online at https://www.unmfund.org/fund/eric-larson

2011 Eric Larson Endowment Scholarship grantee, Damien Neccochia

The Eric Larson Endowment presented its first scholarship to Damien Neccochia. The Larson family and Professor Steven Block in the Fine Arts department at UNM chose Neccochia from among the students studying recording with engineer Manny Rettinger, an instructor at UNM as an intern.

2012 Eric Larson Endowment Scholarship grantee, Haley Baysinger

A junior at the University of New Mexico, studying music and psychology, and a recent graduate of the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio. Born in Aurora, Colorado. Haley was raised in Albuquerque, where she attended Eldorado High School, graduating in 2009. At age twenty, Ms. Baysingerdecided to pursue a career in Audio Engineering.She has worked in local studios and as a front of house engineer for a New Mexico audio company. She continues to produce music for artists nationwide.

2013 Eric Larson Endowment Scholarship grantee, Sean Trauth

Sean Trauth was a finalist in the Mainstream Rock category at the 2011 New Mexico Music Awards. He began his music career singing harmonies with his mother and moved on to the piano until an injury to his wrist forced him to quit playing piano. Undaunted, he took up trumpet and later guitar. He continues to study music at the University of New Mexico.

2014 Eric Larson Endowment Scholarship grantee, Michael Bryant

The 2014 recipient of the Eric Larson Endowment is Michael Bryant. Michael received his Bachelor’s Degree in Music, Film, Theater and Digital Media in 2013 and is now embarking on pursuing a master’s degree in Elementary Education. He has worked as a professional musician since 1995 and has over 20 years’ experience in recording and music production. Mr. Bryant is a pastor at the Living Waters Outreach Center in Albuquerque, a recording engineer, a songwriter and a United States Air Force Veteran.

2015 Eric Larson Endowment Scholarship grantee, Brianna Reed

This year’s recipient is Briana Reed, a junior at UNM and a cellist pursuing a BA in Liberal Arts with a focus on Audio Engineering. She served as an intern in the String Pedagogy of the UNM Music Department in 2012-2013.