Nicholas J J Cueto

Santa Fe, NM

Nicholas J. J. Cueto  has written music for film projects The Boston Post and Max Dangerous for actor Wes Studi (Avatar, The Last of the Mohicans). Both of these film scores are showcased on the homepage. He also wrote music for the highest distribution college produced documentary in history which was featured on the BBC and Smithsonian websites. Most recently he scored a film that won best drama at the Harvard Film Festival.

Nicholas graduated from Santa Fe University of Art and Design in 2015 with a major in Contemporary Music and a minor in Film. He worked at marketing firm 4Leet until 2017 where he worked on films, photography, web and graphic design. Currently he is working on completing his first full length album entitled “/Play” and resides in Santa Fe. Film score include The Boston Post, Blinding Lights, Max Dangerous and By Candle Light.

Mikey Cunningham

2401 Dora NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104
(214) 235-2673

Producer/arranger specializing in lush vocal harmony and tight instrumental arrangements. Composer specializing in the melding of orchestral music with pop, jazz, and R&B rhythms.

Eric Heithaus

Santa Fe
Instrumental music for film.

Aaron Lewis

Claselectonage (Classical, Electronic, New Age)
5000 Glendale Road NW
Albuquerque, NM  87105
(505) 908-1392
Aaron composes music for film and television and has recently ventured into theater.

Jose Antonio Ponce


Jose Antonio Ponce
Specializing in Acoustic Jazz, Blues, R & B, Standards, and Americana

Composing for film, TV and live events.