Live Music Venues

Albuquerque’s live music venues offer a wide variety of music styles, from light acoustic Pop and Americana to raucous Blues and Rock & Roll. There is music almost every night in nearly every part of the city. Our list consists of those venues in the Albuquerque metro area who employ musicians and we encourage all venues that bring in live music for their patrons to do the same. Links to the venues are provided.

Albuquerque Brewing Company Albuquerque 505-797-1842 Rock, Blues, Acoustic,Variety

Alien Brew Pub Albuquerque 505-884-1116 Rock, Blues

Anazazi Fields Vineyards Placitas 505-867-3062 Variety

Back Alley Drafthouse Albuquerque 505-766-8590 Variety

Bien Shur Lounge @ Sandia Resort Albuquerque 505-796-7500 (main) Variety-solo, duo, trio Friday & Saturday Year Round

Bike in Coffee Albuquerque 505-410-7776 Variety

Blue Grasshopper Brew Pub Albuquerque 505-582-2504 Variety

Blue Grasshopper Pub Rio Rancho 505-896-8579 Variety

Blunt Bros Coffee Nob Hill Albuquerque 505-695-2767 Singer/songwriter, College

Boese Brothers Brewery Albuquerque 505-382-7060 Solo, variety

Bosque Brewing NE ABQ Albuquerque 505-790-7596 Variety

Bosque Brewing Public House Nob Hill Albuquerque 505-508-5967 Variety

Boxing Bear Brewing Albuquerque 505-897-2327 Rock, Blues, Acoustic,Variety Seasonal

Broken Trail Brewery & Distillery 365 Albuquerque 505-221-6281 Variety

Brickyard Pizza Albuquerque 505-262-2216 Tuesday open mic year round

Cafe Bella Rio Rancho 505-994-9436 Bluegrass, acoustic, Americana

Central Grill & Coffeehouse Albuquerque 505-554-1424 Singer/songwriter, solo guitar

Canteen Brewhouse Albuquerque 505-881-2737 Variety Year round

Cheese & Coffee Albuquerque 505-242-0326 Solo, variety

Club Cananas Restaurante Alnuquerque 505-269-8938 Latin, dance

The Cooperage Albuquerque 505-255-1657 Salsa, Jazz Year round

County Line BBQ Albuquerque 505-856-7477 Americana

Crown Plaza Hotel Albuquerque, NM 505-884-2500 Jazz/ Salsa/ AC Seasonal

Desert Gardens Golf Club Albuquerque 505-898-7001 Bands for events

The Dirty Bourbon Dance Hall & Saloon Albuquerque, NM 505-296-2726 Country Year round

Draft Kilt Brewing Company Albuquerque 505-881-0234 Variety, solo, duos

Distillery 365 Albuquerque 505-221-6281 Indie / Americana / Singer/Songwriter

Draft Station Albuquerque 505-247-0193 Indie rock, acoustic

Draft Station Santa Fe 505-983-6443  Indie, Rock

The Dragon Horn Tavern Albuquerque 505-275-3401 Acoustic Year round

Duel Brewing Albuquerque 505-275-3401 Variety

EFFEX Albuquerque, NM 505-842-8870 Dance, Electronic, DJ Year round

Effing Bar & Grill Albuquerque 505-833-3765 Solo, band, rock

El Patron New Mexican Restaraunt Albuquerque 505-275-0223 Spanish/Variety Year round

El Rey Theater Albuquerque Bands

Embassy Suites Hotel Albuquerque 505-245-7100 Jazz, Acoustic Year round

Envy Nightclub @ Route 66 Casino Albuquerque 505-352-7887 Dance, Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop Year round

Farina Alto Pizzaria & Wine Bar Albuquerque 505-298-0035 Variety

Farina Pizza & Wine Bar Downtown Albuquerque 505-242-0130 Variety

Farm & Table Albuquerque, NM 505-503-7124 Acoustic Seasonal

First Turn Lounge Albuquerque, NM 505-767-7171 Latin, R&B, Country, Rock Year round

Fresh Bistro Albuquerque 505-361-2278 Singer/songwriter

Hotel Andaluz Ibiza Restaurant Albuquerque 505-242-9090 Jazz, Blues, Acoustic Year round

Kaktus Brewery Nob Hill Albuquerque 505-379-5072 Acoustic, Blues, Variety Year Round

Kaktus Brewery Bernalillo, NM 505-379-5072 Acoustic, Americana, Folk, Blues Seasonal

Kelly’s Brewpub Albuquerque, NM 505-254-4831 Variety Seasonal

Kimo Theater Albuquerque, NM Variety Year round

Krypton Blue Albuquerque 505-884-2271 Bands Year round

La Cumbre Brewing Company Albuquerque 505-872-0225 Americana, Blues, Variety Year round

Leo’s Nightclub Albuquerque 505-341-9564 Hip-Hop, Spanish Seasonal

Lizard Tail Brewing Albuquerque 505-717-1301 Weekly open mic year round

Lounge 54 @ Santa Ana Casino Bernalillo, NM 505-867-0000 Rock, Blues Acoustic Year round

M’Tucci’s Italian Restaurant Albuquerque 505-303-7327 Jazz

M’Tucci’s Italian Restaurant Rio Rancho 505-891-2432 Jazz

Marble Brewery Albuquerque 505-243-2739 Indie, Rock, Acoustic, Americana Seasonal

Marble Brewery Westside Albuquerque 505-508-4368 Indie, Rock, Acoustic, Americana Seasonal

Monte Vista Fire Station Albuquerque 505-255-2424 Blues/Bands Year round

Moonlight Lounge Albuquerque 505-764-0249 Bands, Metal Year Round

Ned’s Bar & Grille Albuquerque 505-884-4680 Indie, Rock, Acoustic, Americana Year round

Nick & Jimmy’s Albuquerque Acoustic Year round

Nicky V’s Neighborhood Pizza Albuquerque 505-890-9463

North Fourth Theater Albuquerque 505-345-2872 Variety Year round

O’Neil’s Juan Tabo Albuquerque 505-293-1122 Solo/Duo Seasonal

O’Neil’s Nob Hill Albuquerque, NM 255-6782 Solo/Duo Seasonal

Outpost Performance Space Albuquerque 505-268-0044 Jazz, Acoustic, Variety Year round

PI Brewery Albuquerque 505-890-9463 Open mic Wednesdays year round

Piaztanzi Albuquerque 505-296-2340 Variety, jazz, solo, duo Year round

Ponderosa Brewing Company Albuquerque  505-639-5941 Variety year round

Prarie Star @ Santa Ana Bernalillo, NM 505-867-3327 Spanish/Variety Seasonal

Pueblo Harvest @ Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Albuquerque, NM 505-724-3510 Bands/Rock/Blues Year round

Q Bar at Hotel Albuquerque Albuquerque, NM 843-6800 (front desk) Piano Bar, Variety Year round

Q Chocolate Cafe Albuquerque 505-913-9972 Acoustic jazz on the patio Seasonal

Red Door Brewing NW Albuquerque 505-633-6675 Variety Year Round

Red Door Brewing Downtown Albuquerque 505-990-3029 Variety Year round

Rio Bravo Brewing Albuquerque 505-900-3909 Variety Year Round

Rock n Brews Albuquerque 505-340-2953 Rock, variety Year Round

Santa Fe Brewing Company Albuquerque 505-881-0887 Variety Year Round

Savoy Bar & Grill Albuquerque, NM 505-294-9463 Jazz Seasonal

Scalo Northern Italian Grille Albuquerque, NM 505-255-8781 Jazz, Blues, Variety, Acoustic Seasonal

Seasons Grille Albuquerque, NM 505-766-5100 Jazz, Blues Seasonal

Sheraton Hotel Bar Uptown Albuquerque 505-881-0000 Jazz, variety Year Round

Sidetrack Brewing Company Albuquerque 505-832-7183 Variety First & Third Saturdays of the month

Sister Bar Albuquerque, NM 505-242-4900 Bands, Rock, Blues, Metal, Electonic Year round

Solid Grounds Coffeehouse Albuquerque, NM 505-293-9673 Solo/Duo/Trio (Saturdays) Year round

St Clair Winery Restaurant Albuquerque, NM 505-243-9916 Jazz Year round

St Clair Winery Albuquerque, NM 505-243-9916 Festivals Seasonal

Stereo Bar Albuquerque, NM 505-510-2582 Indie, Americana Year round

Stoneface Tavern Albuquerque 505-822-8855 Rock, Blues Year round

The Barley Room Albuquerque 505-332-0800 Rock, Blues, Acoustic,Variety Year round

The Co-op Albuquerque Indie, Rock, Blues Events

The Craftroom Albuquerque 505-717-1985 Variety Year Round

The Launchpad Albuquerque 505-764-8887 Rock, Indie Year round

The Standard Diner Albuquerque 505-243-1440 Solo, duo, trio Year Round

Thur Pa Lounge @ Sandia Resort Albuquerque Country, Rock, Dance, Nightly Variety Year round

Tiwa Restaurant & Lounge @ Isleta Resort Albuquerque, NM 505-724-3800 Rock, Dance, Variety Friday & Saturday year round

Tractor Brewing Company-Nob Hill Albuquerque, NM 505-433-5654 Acoustic, Americana, Folk Seasonal

Tractor Brewing Wells Park Albuquerque, NM 505-243-6752 Acoustic, Americana, Folk Seasonal

Triple Sevens Lounge @ Isleta Resort Albuquerque, NM505-244-8191 Country Friday & Saturday year round

Uptown Funk-Albuquerque, NM 505-227-8923 Local variety for happy hour and dueling piano bar Wednesday- Sunday year round

Vernon’s Speakeasy Black Diamond Lounge Albuquerque, NM 505-341-2722 Jazz, Blues, Acoustic Year round

Winning Coffee Albuquerque 505-266-0000 Open mic every Thursday

Yanni’s Lemoni Lounge Albuquerque 505-268-9250 Variety weekends year round

Zinc Albuquerque, NM Variety Year round

Zullo’s Bistro Albuquerque 505-242-6909 Solo/variety

Hyatt Regency Tamaya Bernalillo, NM 505-867-1234 Jazz, Acoustic, Blues, Indie Seasonal

Sadies at the Star Bernalillo, NM 505-771-7140 Spanish/Variety Year round

The Range Café Bernalillo, NM 505-867-1700 Americana, Blues, Variety Year round

The Stage @ Santa Ana Bernalillo, NM Dance, Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop Year round

Lazy Lizard Cedar Crest, NM 505-281-9122 C&W, Blues, Rock, Americana Year round

The Mineshaft  Madrid, NM 505-473-0743 Americana, Blues, Variety Year round

Café Bella Rio Rancho, NM 505-994-9436 Folk, Acoustic, Americana, Original Year round

Club Rio Rancho Rio Rancho, NM 505-896-5000 Blues, Acoustic Seasonal

Toro Bar & Grill- Rio Rancho Rio Rancho, NM 800-658-9558 Variety, Rock, Pop Year round