Piracy and the Copyright Connundrum

Online piracy has taken a devastating toll on the U.S. recorded music industry over the past 15 years, a problem owing in large part to the faulty “whack-a-mole” enforcement regime established under the DMCA safe harbor provisions of U.S. copyright law that makes it impossible for creators to effectively remove illegal copies of their music on the Internet.  The United States Copyright Office is now undertaking a public study to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of these provisions, contained in section 512 of Title 17, and has invited public comment.  Below are links to articles that provide more background information on the nature of the problems with the DMCA safe harbors and how they are making it increasingly difficult for music professionals to earn a living:



The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is working with a growing list of artists and music organizations to make certain the voice of the creative community is well represented in this discussion.  Accordingly, the RIAA w encourages all music professionals to consider submitting comments on behalf of the New Mexico music community, and the many artists, song-writers and other music professionals that live and work here.  This is an area in which the music community stands united and can find success in working together.  Some of the organizations  involved in this discussion include:

  • Nashville Songwriters Association International
  • Country Music Publishers Association
  • National Music Publishers Association
  • BMI
  • Global Music Rights
  • National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences
  • Music Managers Forum – U.S.
  • Recording Industry Association of America
  • Music Publishers Association
  • Rhythm and Blues Foundation
  • Americana Music Association
  • American Association of Independent Music

The list of artists participating is growing rapidly:  See, for example https://www.instagram.com/p/BC_BImbgjut/


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