The case for recording professionally

The case for recording professionally


Why hire a professional? Money, it’s got to be the tools.

  • Most recording studios are designed for sound. Most bedrooms, living rooms, dens, bathrooms, garages, churches, etc. are not.
  • You can actually fit the entire band into the studio.
  • When you plug in all three guitar amps, the lights stay on.
  • Professional recording equipment is better than what you bought off of Craig’s list.
  • You don’t have to use the same mic for vocals and the trumpet.
  • Professional recording software is better than your free download of Audacity.
  • Recording engineers actually studied recording techniques.
  • Recording is math and nobody wants to do math. (Except the geeky engineer.)
  • If you want more cowbell, we can give you more cowbell.
  • Professional producers are better than your girlfriend or boyfriend at helping you find your sound.
  • Professional producers have done this before with better musicians than you.
  • Producers can put you together with musicians that can play instruments that you can’t but that you desperately want on your recording.
  • If you suck, the engineer or producer will tell you. (Your girlfriend or boyfriend won’t.)
  • Producers and engineers will help you find that sound in your head.
  • Your project has a better chance of getting accepted once it is reviewed.
  • Your product will be ready to go live once the mastering process is done.

Before you even think about going into a studio….

  • Find the money.
  • Rehearse every song you are going to record until you can play it in your sleep.
  • Decide what your project is.
  • Decide what songs you are going to record.
  • Decide on the instrumentation.
  • Decide on the equipment. (Amps, instruments, etc.)
  • Decide what order to record the songs to save time and money.
  • Shop around for the best engineer, producer, studio.
  • Pre-production. Consult with your engineer and producer about the project.
  • Clear time in your schedule.
  • Leave your ego at the door.

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