Presented May 30th, 1991 for music recorded and produced in 1990

As entries increased we found ourselves with a number of entries that would fit in more than one category. We began combining categories like Pop and AC, Soul, Funk and Rap while splitting other categories. Hispanic was split into Contemporary Spanish and Hispanic/Traditional.


Best Arrangement

Daryl Piper and Tim Brown

Redneck – I May Not Always Remember

Best Jingle – Advertising

Eric Larson and Wayne Scheiner

Wild Oats

Best Live Recording

Phil Appelbaum

Rhoads Dowling Quartet – Stolen Moments

Best Promotional Concept

Peter Gonzales, Mike Nagro and Gordon Devore

Southwest Edge

Best Remake

Roark and Lyra Barron

Amazing Grace

Best Soundtrack

Kevin Hughes, John Cline, Phil Appelbaum

Penquin Foods Inc. Quality and Confidence

 Best Musical Productions Single Length

Alternative Modern Rock

 Danny Wilding

Visions of Africa


 Chris Nolan

Homage to Bela Bartok

Contemporary Spanish

Amigas y su Grupo Ritmo

Esa Miranda Coqueta


Daryl Piper, Tim Brown and Eric Larson

Redneck – Caring Less and Less

Dramatic Score

Steve Herrera

Dramatized New Testament – The Story


Stephen R. Markham

Prelude to Apocalypse


Linda Collier, Connie Harrington, Sandi Gonzales and Rita Talbot

Leaves of Late October

Gospel / Traditional Christian

Steve Herrera

You Cry For Love

Hispanic – Traditional

Ramon Bermudez Jr.

Dolores del Sagrado Corazon

Jazz (tie)

Chuck Coulter and Phil Appelbaum

Alma – Rowlz’m Skowlz’m and Pat Rhodes


Phil Appelbaum

Rhodes Dowling Quartet-Travieso


One Way Little Love

New Age

Euphoria Souvenirs

Novelty / Humorous

Skumbag They Call Her Gonk

Pop / Adult Contemporary

Busy McCarroll, Jeff Nelson and Baird Banner

The Motion – Three Little Words

R&B / Blues

Ronnie Gene Bryant and Kenneth Reid

Keep On Searching

Rock & Roll

Fritz Richard

It’s Time


Jacquelyn Holmes

Bad Boy

Soul / Funk / Rap

Ronnie Gene Bryant and Kenneth Reid

Move To The Groove

Overall Single

Daryl Piper, Tom Mitchell and Eric Larson

Redneck – Emerald Green Eyes

Best Song

Tim Brown and Daryl Piper

Redneck – I May Not Always Remember

Best Engineer

John Cline

Come To Me

Best Producer – Single Length

Michelle Dawn and Brian Miller

Michelle Dawn

Best Producer – Album Length

Tom Mitchell – Daryl Piper – Eric Larson

Jukebox Moanin

Best CD

Redneck The Band

Jukebox Moanin