The 1st Annual
New Mexico Music Industry Coalition “MIC” Awards

Presented on April 10th, 1988

For Music Produced in New Mexico through 1987

The first year, the New Mexico Music Industry Coalition, or New Mexico “MIC” had 68 entries in twenty-one categories. The event was held at Ramada Classic Hotel in Albuquerque (now the Sheraton Uptown) and MC’d by Tom Rutherford (at the time a state senator) who went on to MC every awards ceremony until illness forced his retirement in 2016.

Phil Appelbaum and John Cline cobbled together a sound system and a few lights and George Gesner and Eric Larson wrote and produced the show.

Presenters included KOAT TV news anchor Jane Metzler, KZRR 94 Rock personalities TJ Trout and Frank Jackson, Albuquerque City Councillor Pete Dinelli, ASCAP rep Hank Hicks, Gavin Maloof, producer  Little Richie Johnson, Mazzie Rawd & Lorraine Lewis of Femme Fatale, guitarist Tim Pierce and session and touring musicians Jeanie & Greg Whelchel.

There were performances by Sarah Kay Wooldridge, guitar virtuoso Hector Garcia, Lisa Lederer and The Muttz .

The first awards ceremony accepted music produced in New Mexico up until 1987. One category, “Best Musical Production-Other” was created for all of those entries that did not fall into a specific category, like New Age, Industrial, Classical and the then emerging Punk.

Awards presented as follows:



Producer/Sound Engineer


Best Promotional Concept


“Triax Promotional Release”

Kevin Falk

Best Live Recording Production

“Jon Gagan Live from Bow Wow Records”

Jon Gagan

Kevin Zoernig/Tim Rich

Best Live Video Production

“The Planets”

News Year’s Eve 84/85

Phil Appelbaum/John Cline

Best Soundtrack

“Only The Best”

Kevin Jay Hughes

Phil Appelbaum/John Cline Paul Marcus & Jim Cameron

Best Musical Production-Rock & Roll

“Beauty Is Effective

The Muttz

Kevin Hughes, Andrea & John Cline/John Cline

Best Musical Production-Pop

“Grace Under Pressure”

Kevin Hughes

Kevin Hughes, Andrea & John Cline/John Cline

Best Musical Production-R&B Soul/Funk/Rap

“No More Rap”

Daryl Piper & Tom Mitchell

Daryl Piper & Tom Mitchell

Best Musical Production-Country

“(Come out from behind the bar and) Katie Lets Dance”

Jose Ponce & Eric Larson

Eric Larson

Best Musical Production-Rock Metal

“Lost Time


Phil Appelbaum

Best Musical Production-Jazz

“Parade of Strangers”

Kevin Zoreing

Best Musical Production-Other

The Creation of the Universe

Michael Swick

Michael Swick

Best Musical Production-Traditional Style Hispanic


Consuelo Luz

Eric Larson

Best Musical Production-Traditional Christian/Gospel

“Lullaby Little Manger Boy”

Eric Larson

Eric Larson

Best Musical Production-Jingle – Composition

“It’s Electric”

Eric Larson

Eric Larson

Best Musical Production-Remake

“Secret Agent Man”

The Shakers

Phil Appelbaum/Michael Swick

Best Musical Production-Jingle Production & Engineering

“Come See the World”

John Cline & Phil Appelbaum

Best Arrangement

“I Remember”

Paul Markus & Jim Cameron

Best Engineer

“Rio Grande River”

Tim Rich

Best Final Product

“The Muttz”

“The Muttz”

John Cline/The Muttz

Best Producer

“Bone Pilgrim”

Jeff Nelson, Jack Cliff & Baird Banner

Jeff Nelson, Jack Cliff & Baird Banner

Best of Show

“Bone Pilgrim”

Jeff Nelson, Jack Cliff & Baird Banner

Jeff Nelson, Jack Cliff & Baird Banner